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CNC turning | CNC milling

CNC services

At GANTAR obdelava kovin d.o.o., we mainly perform CNC turning of different workpieces and we also offer CNC milling. We perform processing of individual pieces, small series orders and large series orders depending on the customer requirements. When choosing the materials for final pieces, we use certified materials such as aluminium, all types of metal and materials made from plastics. Contact us for more information.


Gantar obdelava kovin d.o.o.

The beginnings of the company reach back to 2015, when we started our operation as a part-time sole proprietorship – turning on a CVC lathe.

At GANTAR obdelava kovin d.o.o., we mainly perform turning on CNC lathes and processing on a CNC milling centre. We process individual pieces as well as larger series, depending on the customer requirements.

Implementing the ISO standard
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Professional equipment

Machine park

In 2016, we moved from a part-time sole proprietorship to a limited liability company – GANTAR OBDELAVA KOVIN D.O.O. and with perseverance, we succeeded in buying our first machine at the beginning of 2017 and since then, due to sheer willpower, we have managed to grow our machine park to its current size.

  • 3× CNC lathe
  • 1× turning centre
  • 1× bandsaw for serial cutting of individual pieces
  • 1× bandsaw for cutting of unique pieces
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